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Joplin & Sioux Falls’ #1 Cell Phone Repair Center and Leading Provider of Signal Boosters, Refurbished Cell Phones and Accessories.

Cell Phone Repair

Our highly trained techs are here to help you with all your mobile repair needs.

On-Site Repair

Many repairs can be done while you wait, while most others can be done within 2 hours!


Buy & Sell

Stuck in a contract but need a phone? Have a new phone & want to sell the old?

Buyers & Sellers

Bring your old phone by the for a fast, free quote! We also sell a wide range of reconditioned phones!


Mobile Accessories

Top of the line accessories for your smart phones, tablets, and iPod touch.

For Every Device!

From Cases to Screen Protectors to Chargers, and more, Cell Phone Medics has you covered!


Signal Boosters

Cell Phone Medics has signal boosters to amplify weak cellular signals!

Boost your signal!

Enjoy fewer dropped calls & lost connections, faster data downloads, and clearer voice calls!


Cell Phone Medics

Keeping Family & Friends Connected

Now in 2 Locations!

Cell Phone Medics

Joplin, Missouri

  • 512 S. Main Street

    Joplin, MO

  • M T Th F from 9A to 7P | Wed & Sat from 9A to 6P | Closed Sunday

Cell Phone Medics

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  • 5209 W. 41st Street

    Sioux Falls, SD

  • M T Th F from 9A to 7P | Wed & Sat from 9A to 6P | Closed Sunday

Why Choose the Cell Phone Medics?

We understand mobile devices!

Smart phones and mobile technology have not only increased in popularity over the past couple of years, they’ve become a necessary part of both our personal and professional lives – and it’s easy to see why. They keep us connected!

If you’re like most, your device is a major investment, and despite huge strides in technology, device design, engineering and durability, sometimes the device you rely on can fail. Whether by accident or no fault of your own, devices break, unexpectedly stop working, are dropped, and get wet. When they do there are some issues you simply can’t resolve on your own.

There’s no need to fret! Cell Phone Medics will fix your device at a price you can afford. At Cell Phone Medics, you will get world class service from skilled professionals and experts in fixing and repairing a variety of  problems that can occur with a variety of devices.

Having a problem with your cell phone or mobile device, call Cell Phone Medics today! (417) 623-2355

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