Cellphone Keyboard Replacement

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Cell Phone Keyboard Problems

If your cell phone keyboard buttons are not working properly, or if you have to press and hold the buttons to make them work, it could be a sign of damage from liquid. We can usually fix this problem with a professional keyboard cleaning. However, there are some things you can try to troubleshoot your keyboard issues and make sure you are addressing the right problem.

Troubleshooting Cell Phone Keyboard Problems

Sometimes your keyboard problem can be caused by a software issue, and you can resolve it by turning off the phone and then turning the power back on. A factory reset may also fix the problem; however, this will erase all of your saved data.

You should also check the keys closely to see if there is dirt or debris lodged in the cracks that can be removed with a thin instrument like a needle. This surface cleaning might be all that you need to get your cell phone keyboard working properly again.

Repairing Your Cell Phone Keyboard

If you have tried cleaning and re-powering your device and still have problems, you might need professional cell phone keyboard repair. At Cell Phone Repair, our technicians are experienced and well-trained in fixing phones and other electronic devices. We can usually diagnose the problem quickly and fix the keyboard on site while your wait. If walk-in repairs are not convenient for you, our mail-in repair service might be for you. We offer and easy process to mail in your phone and get it repaired in a timely manner.

Cell Phone Medics’ 60-Day Warranty*

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Depending on the issue, you may be covered under our 60-day customer satisfaction warranty. This warranty covers replacement parts for up to 60 days. If you break the device again or there is visible wear and tear to either the device or part we replaced, it will NOT be covered; however, if you change a screen with us or any other part and are not completely satisfied with it, come in and let us know. We will take care of you!

* Liquid damage repairs are NOT covered under warranty. After the device leaves our facility, unforeseen damage may still occur as a result of corrosion. If we successfully repair your phone or other device after water damage, we highly recommend you backup your phone immediately in the event corrosion renders your device permanently inoperable.