Memory Card Reader Replacement

memory card reader replacement

Memory Card Repair Problems

If you are having trouble with the memory card in your device, we can help. A failing memory card can cause slow or choppy downloads, loss of functionality, errors when loading, or strange noises when trying to save items to the card. You should first try to troubleshoot the problem to see if there is a simple solution.

Troubleshooting Memory Card Repair Problems

If the memory card reader is in your PC, the capacity of the card might be too high for it to read. If you are trying a 16 GB memory card, test the reader with a lower-capacity card, such as 2 GB. Your PC might also require a driver update. Check the website of your PC manufacturer to see if there is an update available. Some PC manufacturers offer a diagnostic tool for your memory card reader as well.

Test the memory card in another device to make sure that it is the reader that is not working. If the memory card will not work in any device, it could be a damaged or corrupted card. Make sure that the memory card is not locked. SD memory cards have a lock the left side that you must slide up to unlock.

Repairing Your Memory Card Reader

If you have ruled out a damaged, locked, or incompatible memory card, then you might need to have your memory card reader repaired. We are staffed with experienced technicians who can find the problem quickly and get your device repaired and back in your hands. We offer mail-in repair service for convenient repairs that don’t interrupt your work day. We also offer walk-in repair service at our local stores. Most of these repairs can be done on site while you wait in our store. We’d love to help you fix your electronic device.

Cell Phone Medics’ 60-Day Warranty*

Charge Port Repair

Depending on the issue, you may be covered under our 60-day customer satisfaction warranty. This warranty covers replacement parts for up to 60 days. If you break the device again or there is visible wear and tear to either the device or part we replaced, it will NOT be covered; however, if you change a screen with us or any other part and are not completely satisfied with it, come in and let us know. We will take care of you!

* Liquid damage repairs are NOT covered under warranty. After the device leaves our facility, unforeseen damage may still occur as a result of corrosion. If we successfully repair your phone or other device after water damage, we highly recommend you backup your phone immediately in the event corrosion renders your device permanently inoperable.